About us

Aaron Willis

Proudly providing premium construction services in Nosara for almost 25 years!

Based in Nosara, Costa Rica, Guanacaste Builders has built a solid reputation for quality construction, innovative design, and customer satisfaction. We are a company that guarantees devotion to our client’s construction needs and is dedicated to creating a lasting value for your home in Nosara.

Company owner Aaron Jack Willis is a construction veteran in Costa Rica. Aaron has devoted himself to creating the best team of highly skilled construction labor in the area. Aaron takes pride in the fact he uses only workers from the Nosara area. This includes local craftsmen, artisans, carpenters, and masons.

The Guanacaste Builder team’s commitment to excellence is the driving force behind our consistency and the timely completion of projects. With each project our motto is “on time & on budget”.

Aaron with daughter Isabella

The building process here in Costa Rica is much like building in the United States. We work with highly trained architects and engineers who are involved in the project from start to finish.

Guanacaste Builders handles all project management, permits, site insurance, tractor or backhoe work, and everything else that is needed in the lot preparation process. We are capable of taking plans from the United States or starting from scratch with our in-house architect in Nosara. Whatever your construction needs are, we can make it happen for you in Costa Rica.

Our company’s philosophy is not only about the client, but also focuses on creating a healthy work environment for locals. We are proud that all of our workers have social security, workman’s comp in addition to standard benefits. We are highly active in the community with such projects as remodeling of the local Church, building sports facilities (soccer fields and basketball courts) for the Nosara youth. Not only are we trying to do business in this community, but we are trying to bridge the gap between foreigners and locals. It is not unusual for our clients to sit down and have a cold cerveza with the crew that has finished their home.

Working tightly with Aaron and our local Tico team, you’ll get to know us and feel like you’re a part of our small coastal community. And this is truly a fun, life-impacting experience that you will never forget.