“Under extremely challenging circumstances, due to the remote location and complicated and original design, you delivered a house that we still believe is the gold standard in Guanacaste. You delivered on time and on budget and that we are still great friends today is testimony to the quality and integrity of your work.”

“During the last earthquake of 7.5  magnitude, none of our 40 buildings suffered structural damage.  Our buildings stand the test of time… and earthquakes. It is an achievement in which you deserve to take great satisfaction.”

“I have been talking to a security alarm guy in Costa Rica, originally from USA but now living in Tamarindo for a number of years.  I sent him some pictures of my house and this is his response:”

“Wow………what an impressive looking product. The quality of the workmanship from what I can see in the pictures appears to be on the top end of the scale for CR. I am impressed with the builder. Is he North American or Costa Rican?”

“We love our house and are glad that we chose you for our contractor.

In the initial bidding process when we were trying to bring the costs to an affordable level we were advised by some contractors to eliminate some of the expensive finishes. However, you saw the finished product and convinced us to keep the Teak overhangs, the River-stone veneer, and the Infinity pool. In hindsight, without these finishes the house would have lost much of its charm.

In addition, you showed superior problem solving and engineering skills in filling the holes in the plans. When the Architect flubbed the placement of the laundry room, you created the perfect space. When we expressed concern over lack of privacy in the open loft, you designed and built a 25ft set of sliding teak doors that are beautiful and work perfectly. And, when we discovered a general lack of storage space you built us an awesome bodega.

One feature that I have to comment on are our security bars. You were given by the architect some vague drawings without any specifications for construction. You had to cover eight sliding doors on a three level house and come up with a locking system that would work from the inside. Because of our concern over aesthetics and functionality, we asked for a security system instead. You rightly pointed out that when an alarm sounds nobody comes. You persevered with the security bars. We are so glad that you did. Now, when we go to the beach I can secure the house in five minutes. We can leave all the windows and doors open at night for a nice cool house. I can leave Rosie home alone without fear. We love the way they look on the house.

I can’t close without commenting on the great group of men who work for you. They were very polite and friendly. They worked together with camaraderie. You allowed us to move in before the punch list was complete so we often left them working in the house with us away. They proved to be completely trustworthy.

So in closing, add us to your list of happy customers. Feel free to give my email or telephone number to potential clients. Or if you prefer, bring them by for a visit. Your forethought has enhanced our lifestyles. We will be glad to help you.”


I take this opportunity to thank you very much for the great job you made: you respected the contract, the deadline and (according to Carlos who was very thankful) the garden !

I cannot say I was happy to see the pool. It was much more: a great emotion! I think that the joint-venture between ideas, creativity and technical skills gave a fantastic result.”

We love the home that Guanacaste Builders constructed for us.

Highlights of their work include:

1. A high quality home built to US standards

2. Strong communication in person and via Skype and email, in English

3. Regular photos of the construction process

4. Excellent problem solving and suggestions when architectural plans

were unclear

5. Personal attention in choosing finishes in San Jose

6. Willingness to incorporate new design techniques for Costa Rica (such

as disappearing glass walls and hidden security curtains)

7. Responsible follow up after completion

8. On time delivery!

Blue Spirit Retreat“Aaron and his crew have worked on personal and business projects for me. I have great respect and confidence in his ability to fulfill his promise and commitments. It’s rare to find someone tell you the price and schedule of the project who is able to fully deliver on it. Communication with him during the process is quick and easy – plus his crew is dedicated and totally trustworthy. I highly recommend working with him.”

-Stephan Rechtschaffen
Blue Spirit Retreat